Robust Modular Battery Management System

Positeck BMS

A robust premium grade modular lithium-ion battery management system, designed in the UK with safety and reliability in mind. 


Smart Battery Management System

  • 3-16 Cell Li-ion Capable
  • Voltage Monitoring
  • Accurate Cell Balancing
  • Multi-point Thermal Monitoring
  • Low quiescent Current Draw
  • I2C, USB & Bluetooth Comms


Power Management & Fuel Gauge  MODULE

  • Charge & Discharge Current Monitoring
  • Over Current & Short Circuit Protection
  • High Side MOSFET Control
  • Accurate Fuel Gauging and State of Health


CanBUS Comms

  • Robust Isolated Interface Between the Positeck Smart Battery Management System andIndustrial CAN Enabled Equpment

Modular Battery Management System


No-nonsense, reliable Li-ion BMS, designed 100% in the UK by experienced battery design engineers.


Components sourced from premium grade manufactures ensuring long maintenance free, dependable service.


Customisable and modular approach, helping you quickly build a solution for your battery project.

Premium Brand Components YOU CAN TRUST