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UK Based Li-ion Technology Specialists

At Positeck we’re focused on building technologies that improve the life, performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries, helping drive towards a reliable, all electric future.

We have a wide range of experience in many challenging industries such as Robotics, E-bikes, Medical, Emergency Lighting/Highway Signage and Electromobility and can develop electronics to suit most applications.

Our core company values are Quality, Reliability and Simplicity. We believe a BMS should be just that – a Battery Management System, nothing more, nothing less.  Our systems are constructed from  the highest grade components,  designed in a honest, reliable way that guarantees the safety and performance of the battery above all else. The PositeckBMS systems are software configurable, as well as ensuring the safety of your battery and passing all standard Li-ion regulatory tests at a hardware level alone.  


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