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Required Materials

Please test all glues on a scrap piece of EPP before use to check for any reaction
Contact Adhesive: UHU or GOOP
Spread the glue on one surface.
Bring the 2 surfaces to be glued together and rub them together to get an even layer of
glue on both surfaces.
Wait 10-15 minutes.
Press the surfaces together.
If instant grab is not achieved the items can be clamped or secured in place
Thin Cynoacrylate (CA/Super-Glue)
Ensure the CA you use is of thin consistency. Gel type Super-Glue is not suitable

Use spray aerosol paint as this will give a thinner and lighter covering of paint. Most
paints will not dissolve EPP foam but check suitability on a piece of scrap EPP

Required Tools
Sharp Craft Knife
Thin Marker Pen
Straight Edge Ruler
Small Screwdriver Set


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