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Li-ion has become the chemistry of choice for many industries due to its high energy density, remarkable cycle life and high charge and discharge rates. Li-ion cells, partly due to the characteristics that make them so successful,  if not treated correctly, can be more dangerous than the traditional NiMH/NiCd and Lead based chemistries. Positeck BMS systems are designed to ensure the monitored Li-ion cells cannot be taken beyond their safe operating limits, helping ensure the battery remains safe and reliable. All Positeck BMS systems employ a hardware first approach – our battery management systems are designed to pass regulatory testing without the BMS firmware even running.

Positeck BMS:

  • 3-15 Cell Li-ion Capable
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Current & Short Circuit Protection
  • Accurate Cell Balancing
  • Multi-point Thermal Protection
  • Low quiescent Current Draw
  • Hardware level safety
  • Software Configurable Over I2C
  • I2C, CANbus, RS485 Comms
  • Integrated MOSFET PowerPath Control

The Positeck BMS is a premium grade robust  lithium-ion battery management system that has been specifically designed with safety and reliability as the top priorities.


Current & Voltage Protection

Protects the battery from over current, short circuit and over and under voltage helping to keep the battery safe and extend cycle life.


Extensive Cell Compatibility

A wide cell voltage input range, suitable for almost all Li-ion and LiFePO4 cell chemistries.

002-binary code

Software Configurable

Software configurable over I2C facilitates accelerated time to market across similar battery applications.



16 thermistor inputs ensuring cell safety throughout even the larger of battery packs.


Premium Grade Components

Components sourced from premium grade manufactures ensuring long maintenance free, dependable service.


Hardware Level Safety

Safe hardware first approach - designed to pass regulatory testing without the BMS firmware even running.


Low Quiescent Current

Low quiescent current design allowing long standby times even with smaller scale battery systems.


Accurate Cell Balancing

Effective passive cell balancing to solve imbalance between series connected cells, helping to maximise the usable capacity of the battery.


Integrated MOSFET Power-Path Control

Efficient ultra-low on-resistance MOSFETs, enabling full output control from within the BMS without the need for external contactors.

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